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PONTE FREE - Cholita Sound

HR-11 / CD/ 2011

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Weather in the visual arts or in her pop-dance musical adventures the multi-faceted projects of Chilean artist Caterina Purdy always have something in common: a radical call to challenge the limits and conventions of the main-stream artistic genres. Entering with a bang into the Santiago scene in 2004 under the moniker Purdy Rocks she played several local venues –and all the way up to Brooklyn– with her Monga Tour, ever since turning her signature live-performances with costumes and dancers recognized as legendary within the independent Latino scene of the mid 00’s. Now she’s back with a new alter ego, hotter and wiser than ever, she's Cholita Sound: “A fusion of cumbia and other ultra-popular Latin American rhythms with a handycraft-electro-dembow Andino”. Published by HR in an edition of 500 copies. Thanks: Y Productions (NYC)

About Cholita Sound

The multiple projects of Caterina Purdy have something in common: they all challenge the limits of genres and conventions. With her original projects, she irrupted into the musical scene in 2004. Today, Purdy Rocks and the Mongatour Show are recognized as legends in the independent scene.

Her new alter ego is CHOLITA SOUND. In her own words: is a fusion of Cumbia, Andean and Latin American ultra-popular rhythms with ”handycraft-electro-dembow-andino.”